Rediscovering our surroundings through the eyes of a child reminds us of the importance of having fun…and PLAY! Hotel Ciutat de Girona proposes an original getaway in which the little ones will be our guides in an incredibly authentic adventure.

The adventure starts with the discovery of Girona through one of the four orientation circuits of the city. Feel like a group of explorers in search for treasure!

Then, live nature in El Parc de la Devesa and its more than 2500 centenary banana trees. You will be able to pick and play with the fallen leaves, which create a natural rug while you walk.

And if you are craft lovers, we propose a competition with handmade boats on the Río Onyar, while your family and friends cheer up and observe the boats going down the river. 

At noon comes the reward: the little explorers will build up their batteries with the delicious kids’ menu ‘Tatin Tatan’

The package includes: