Sport Lovers!

The Hotel and the city of Girona were awarded with the title of Sports Holiday Destination in 2015 in the Multisports category (athletics, swimming, tennis, running and bicycle touring) thanks to its well-equipped sports facilities and its privileged natural environment, which is ideal for cycling and running.

Turismo Deportivo Girona

In addition to having an important sports community based in the city, Girona hosts every year numerous professional teams and athletes attracted by the charm of its territory, the quality of its sports infrastructures, and the tourist services that are increasingly adapted to their needs.

As regards running, trail running or BTT we have the greenways that connect Olot (Garrotxa) with Sant Feliu de Guixols (Costa Brava), the Gavarres, and Girona itself. These towns maintain a highly atrractive landscape, and are also a point of cultural and historical interest, with tourist attractions such as the Castle of the Puig de San Miguel, the Masos, the Angels, and panoramic views and ancient elements that captivate their visitors. Sports tourism routes

With regard to cycling, the routes can be enjoyed either with the guides of The service course or Bikebreaks, who will create itineraries adapted to the level of each client. Our guests can also enjoy the cycling routes by themselves. Our neighbors, The service course, can take care of your bike. Guests just leave the bicycle inside the service course and every day a bike maintenance routine is performed: cleaning, pumping the tires, lubricating the chain, etc. Although having dropped it off dirty after a day of intense adventure, the bicycle will be ready for and early-morning ride the next day, clean and in perfect condition.  Sports tourism routes

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Athletics, swimming and tennis can be enjoyed in several sports complexes located at different spots in the city. The Girona-Fontajau Municipal Pavilion and the Sant Ponç Sports Complex (GEiEG) are 1.3 km from the Hotel. The Devesa Sports Area is 2.6 km away and the Palau-Sacosta Sports Complex (GEiEG) and the Girona Tennis Club are within 4 km. Sports services and facilities

Both the Hotel Ciudad de Girona and Del Vi Apartments offer special services to our customers:

  • Flexible hours to serve meals
  • Picnics prepared to practising sports outdoors
  • Breakfast early in the morning
  • Wi-Fi service
  • Space for storing biclycles
  • Sports recovery massage after a workout or a competition
  • Sports information available for guests
  • Calendar of the events