Hotels play an important role in the present and future environmental improvement. We are all responsible for the environmental impacts occurring at all levels (hydrological, as well as regarding energy), due to waste generation, and CO2 emissions, all contributing to climate change. For this reason, we have taken on a commitment with our guests, and society in general, on halving the environmental impacts that our professional activity may have. For that purpose, last December 2014 a plan of action was outlined by Green Room Hotels. At the same time, our hotel created a workgroup to adopt sustainable practices, monitor the plan of action, and evaluate the implementation of it. Hotel staff and guests collaborate on the accomplishment of the plan.

The plan has produced the following results in the first semester of the year 2015:

  • 23% reduction of water consumption
  • 21% reduction of gas consumption
  • 100% of the electric energy consumption at the hotel has derived from renewable energy
  • 70% reduction of CO2 emissions linked to energy consumption

The results of this plan implementation will be assessed each semester, and this web page section will be updated accordingly to show our continuous commitment to the reduction of environmental impacts of the hotel.